I know nothing about NBA basketball beyond a handful of team names, a few key players and the general process of once the ball goes in the hoop your team scored.

It’s not that I don’t like basketball, I just don’t have enough interest to consider myself a fan. On the other hand, I’ve been to several games, I’ve cheered for whatever team I liked at that moment and I understand the significance of celebrating 20 years of commitment.

I must be clear, I would not consider myself a fan, however I appreciate the fan experience. It’s for that reason that I hopped on a plane in February, bundled up for the snow in Cleveland and joined thousands of fans just to see first hand, two incredible players play against each other one last time.


It was a treat, even for a non-fan. Kobe Bryant & LeBron James did not disappoint. I was impressed.

Top 5 Memorable Moments:

1. The opportunity to take time off from work in the middle of the week to travel to Cleveland and witness history with my favorite person, I’m a #luckylady

2. Pre-game looks a bit different in my life these days. We didn’t need to hype ourselves up with adult beverages before the game, rather we had a nice dinner with good friends & great conversation!

3. The seats, WOW sums up the feeling when you walk to your seats and you are two rows away from the floor seats. WOW!

4. Let me stay on the seats, we were seated next to a father & son who were both at their first NBA game and celebrating the son’s 12th birthday. We celebrated with them by buying the dad a beer, he deserved an award for the best birthday gift EVER


5. The end, Cleveland you are full of wonderful people. Kobe received a standing ovation, loads of cheers and lots of respect as he walked off the court. The celebration was less about the Cavaliers win and more about sending Kobe off right


My first trip to Cleveland exceeded expectations. I missed Kobe’s last game last night…remember I’m not a fan and it aired past my bed time so today, I celebrate his accomplishments and contribution to the world of basketball.