24 hours down, 96 more to go.

I’m walking the streets with digital creatives, technology influencers, public relations pros & marketing gurus.

Top trends, game changers & disruptors can be heard everywhere and it’s music to my ears.

Societal changes are discussed & solutions are being birthed in workshops, on a bar napkin & even at a food truck.

And then there’s me. In the midst of it all, I’ve been entrusted with managing the ‪#‎CoxSxSW‬ schedule. The simple yet important document that will ensure that we accomplish lofty goals, see a vision come to life & build our impactful story.

It’s days like today, that define my ‪#‎balancednotbusy‬ life. Yes, I am immersed in a busy & frantic adventure. Yes, I am at work (on a weekend). Yet, I am balanced.

How? Because, everything that is happening around me is a development opportunity. I’m learning, growing & becoming a better ME. If I harp on the busyness, I may miss the opportunity to soak it all in!