Impromptu wellness weekend.

Sometimes the best plans are meant to be broken and that is my weekend story.

I took the day off from work on Friday. Definitely one of my better decisions. I needed an extra day to recharge my batteries and more importantly I needed an ample amount of time for Good Friday reflection.

I ended the night on a rooftop, enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine & great “girlfriend” conversation. This night was completely unplanned.


Saturday was designed to celebrate two friends! I planned to attend a birthday party & a moving party. I started the day at a nail spa haven and the mix of rain & relaxing services changed my plans once again. I never made it to the parties.

Back at home, I rested, cleaned my house & rested some more.  Saturday night ended with a massage. Another unplanned  night.

On Sunday, I woke up full of the joy that comes with knowing that there is no greater love than the love of Jesus. After worshipping at church, I headed home & guess what…I rested. After an hour nap, I headed to Pure Barre, a norm for me during the week however a rarity in a Sunday.

The rest of Sunday evening was filled with meal prep and rest. Again, not my plan.

I closed out my weekend in bed with hot tea & a new project. Coloring, yes I said coloring.  As I made my main focus the choice of which colored pencil to use, I realized that my unplanned weekend was the best “plan” that I had ever had.


In my #balancednotbusy world, it’s my well thought out plans that keep me sane. It’s how I find time to get everything done. It’s my foundation for finding my balance. Yet, this wellness weekend was everything unplanned that I needed to recharge my batteries and prepare me for a wonderful week!