I will admit that marathon training has not been fun.

It’s been a hassle to find the time to squeeze in a run and even after I’ve adjusted my schedule and the plan feels “perfect”, I still don’t feel accomplished when I miss my miles goal.

It’s been tough.

Yesterday, I ran my first 2016 race & the fun returned!

Ultimately I need miles, so I ran from my house to the race & then ran the 10k. Once I arrived, I connected with the @weststride Stride Strong training crew and was reminded of the joy that came from coaching for 7 weeks. At the start line, I could feel the positive energy from team ‪#‎luckylegs‬  At the finish line, I was met by my favorite person in America (‪#‎luckylady‬) with smiles, support & muffins. He’s a keeper!

I realized yesterday that in order to enjoy my marathon training, I need to remove the thoughts of limitations and fill the space with faith-filled expectations.