“True and lasting joy arises from within”~ Charles Fillmore.

In a busy world, it can be challenging to designate time to “find” your joy. So we settle for quick moments of happiness.

When I think of lasting joy, I take Charles Fillmore’s words to heart and I realize the importance of my spiritual practice.

Starting each and every morning in scripture and quiet meditation is mandatory for me. During this time I am replenished, comforted, guided and lifted up in the Spirit to know JOY!

I enjoy other morning activities: watching the news, reviewing my planner,‪#‎luckylady‬ conversations with my favorite guy and getting in a quick run.

Despite these other activities I make it a priority to go to my true source of everlasting joy and experience a sense of peace and bliss.

I am blessed to intimately know my source of joy. Today, commit to trying something new tomorrow morning to start your day. Read a scripture, find time for quiet meditation or sit in silence. Whatever you do, make it a priority and find your balance.