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I am still digesting all of the career inspo that was shared at the WICT Leadership Conference a couple of weeks ago! My 48 wonderful hours in the Big Apple were a game changer.  Time well spent at the Women In Cable Telecommunications Leadership Conference, trying out new restaurants and breathing in the sounds and scents of the city.  I tend to conquer cities in small doses, here’s a rundown:

  • In my head, Katie Couric  is my new best friend.  In less than 30 minutes she shared how a series of taking risks shaped her career, how she maintains a strong sense of self and doesn’t let what’s happening externally define her, the time that someone told her that didn’t look good in an outfit and she responded with “F–k it!  It’s Armani”, her courageous journey to battle her husband’s cancer while being a tv personality and how she is and will always be an unapologetic feminist.

  • Pandit Dasa’s journey: 6 months in India turned into 15 years as an urban Monk in the Lower East Side of NYC.  At the conference he inspired us all to use Principles of Mindful Leadership.  Thoughts to think on:
    • The mind is like a hard drive with unlimited files.  Everything that we see, say, taste and feel gets registered.
    • We have to understand how the mind works in order to control it.  Have you ever considered the power of sleepwalking?  The mind comes up with a plan that you actually didn’t consent to and the next thing you know you are walking outside in your undies with no knowledge of it the next morning
    • Take a page from the books of Dr. Martin Luther King & Ghandi and lead by example.  The only way that they were able to inspire a movement was to be on the front line.
    • Reading his book, The Urban Monk in November, stay tuned for a review!
  • Took a break from the conference and headed to Beauty & Essex, it was a foodie’s delight!  Great opportunity to connect with ladies that are on the move and the food & drinks were AMAZING!  When I visited the champagne bar…in the ladies room, it was truly a Sex in the City moment.
  • Trudie Styler is SO much more than just Sting’s wife.  She shared an inspirational story of resilience at the Touchstones Luncheon, not a dry eye in the room.
  • One of my favorite sessions was “Profiles of Champions: Becoming A Corporate Athlete,” it was fantastic!  Let me tell you why:
    • Chiney Ogwumike kicked off the discussion with a reminder that “a little girl power can go a long way”
    • Carli Lloyd: discussed her injuries and how everyone is looking for a quick fix to bounce back from a set back.  Her story of resilience was such a strong tie in to navigating the workplace and taking the time to hone in on your skills
    • Katherine Switzer, the 1st woman to run in the Boston Marathon aligned her race training with staying ready!  Your mind and body should always be ready to make magic happen at work.  Take time to “train” and don’t just show up and hope that it all works out
    • So many wonderful nuggets from the session, if you want a full download, shot me a note!
  • The last session that I attended was rooted in “Activating Allies and Uniting Against Unconscious Bias”  The discussion was centered on unconscious gender bias and how it can have long-lasting effects in the work environment.  The highlights were: leaders in the workplace should seek to find the differences, gender work is not just intended for women, train your brain to interrupt unconscious bias and the “drop the mic moment”…Joe’s experiences are very different than Jose, there’s a tax for being different!
  • I don’t visit a city without getting a healthy dose of good food, so before heading to the airport, stopping by Havana Central was a MUST!

Have you been to any conferences lately? Share your experience in the comment section!