A new season.

By looking at each aspect of my life as a season, I rarely become weighted by what most perceive as a busy lifestyle.

I prepare for each of life’s adventures as if I am preparing for the next season. Right now I am in my “work season”

Preparation: I increased my time with friends leading up to the culmination in March so that I wouldn’t regret what I would miss while I traveled. I prepared mentally thru prayer/devotion and mindfulness meditation. I eliminated any extracurricular activities that interfered with my ability to get a good night’s rest. I ensured that intentional time was carved out for ‪#‎luckylady‬ moments.

You put away your Winter clothes in anticipation of ‪#‎Spring‬. You plant seeds in anticipation of a full bloom in the coming months. You plan vacations to sunny beaches once daylight savings time starts. You workout in the Winter months to become Summer ready. All of the above in preparation of the next season.

Prepare for life in the same way, it’s YOUR season. It’s your‪#‎balancednotbusy‬ life.