Do you have willpower?

Willpower is like a muscle, becoming stronger with regular use. Willpower allows me to hold on or let go. It is essential for my focus on the life that I desire and it affirms my ability to accomplish what I want in life.

My willpower does not magical appear each morning, I have worked to train myself to have more willpower and leverage that it is not an unlimited resource.


This is my willpower “training” routine:
* 10 minutes in meditation: meditation helps me snap out of my negative thoughts and back to reality. After I practice mindfulness meditation I am more focused on my goals and able to recognize my impulses

* Make deadlines that are attainable & celebrate the accomplishments: I don’t diet! If I want to change my eating habits I incorporate a new healthier meal each week. After a month or so of reaching my goals, I celebrate… with an apple of course 😉

* Why did you start? What’s the reason?: think of long-term goals vs short-term satisfaction. Why did you say that you would get more organized? Why did you say that you would volunteer more in the community?

* Be gentle on yourself: willpower drains fast with guilt and shame. Focus on what you can do instead of what you should not do.

* Commit to your goal in a way that temptation is inconvenient: it’s simple, I don’t like to waste money so if I sign up for a six month auto draft at Pure Barre I’m going to attend class. If I pay per class I may never find the time to go!

Use the strength of your willpower to direct you. Find your balance